My life, like most people’s, has been a series of turbulent ups and downs

When I reached my mid-thirties, exhausted and sick of it all, I started to re-evaluate how I lived, I knew there had to be another way. 

There is: it's called self-care. 

Genuinely, thoughtfully, and deeply prioritising and caring about yourself. This benefits the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our whole being and leads to a more balanced and meaningful life.

Coincidentally, just at the time when I was looking for answers, I also started working as a Travel Writer for Yoga Magazine in the UK. I travelled the world in the quest for good yoga and therapeutic massages - what a life hey. This was the beginning of a profound journey, both professionally and personally, into self-care and I want to share this knowledge with you here.

This section aims to inform and entertain, but also to equip you with some of the tools that can be utilised to have a deeper connection to within and to help you to be your best self.