If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. Maya Angelou



Thinking about getting a life coach?

Maybe you’re thinking: ‘Why do I I need a coach to help me get on with my own life - isn’t this a sign of weakness?’ Employing a Life Coach is the most powerful thing we can do to help us move forward, it’s a sign of strength, of taking control of our own lives and investing in ourselves and our future. There is nothing weak about asking for help.

As women we are the ‘carers’ of society, we look after everyone else’s needs, our children, our spouses, and eventually our parents, and when all that’s done there’s not much time left for us. So it’s no wonder that when we get to our thirties or forties, or even later, we’re unfulfilled, exhausted and unhappy. We might take a look around and think, hang on a minute what is going on here? What about what we want? What do I want? We might not know. Or we might know, but we don’t know how to get there.

My Approach


How I can help you

I can help you with all of the above, and we can have a great time doing it. There is nothing more satisfying than working on ourselves and on our goals to reach a vision that we have created for our lives. There are many different ways that we can work together depending on your needs, and these include helping you to:

  • Create a vision for yourself that is in alignment with who you are
  • Have increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Identify and eradicate harmful elements in your life
  • Create healthy boundaries in friendships, relationships and work
  • Create new opportunities in all aspects of your life
  • Find the courage to be seen, to act authentically, and be true to who you are
  • Find your voice and your right to say no, unapologetically
  • Follow your intuition to help your life run more smoothly
  • Prioritise yourself
  • Identify your self-limiting beliefs and help to address them
  • Accept yourself for who you are, and recognise your own uniqueness and beauty
  • Love, value and respect yourself

When we live a life based on actions stemming from high-self esteem, everything becomes more comfortable, meaningful, inspiring, joyful and smoother. Hand on heart, I cannot even remember the last time I had a bad day.


I can make positive changes in my life and feel good about myself


Some Notes About Self-Esteem

Nearly every single one of our problems in life, whether that’s conflict, relationship issues, addictions, depression or anxiety is a direct product of low self-esteem - feelings of not being good enough, or not being worthy. There is nothing to be ashamed of in this, most women have these underlying hidden beliefs, and it’s no surprise really.

From a very early age, we’re taught that our value is based purely on how we look, how attractive we are, and how desirable we are. We’re then bombarded with fake images and ideas from magazines and TV about how women should look and behave. Of course, we can never achieve the unachievable, so we always feel like we’re not enough. The good news is that as soon as we start to change that narrative, we can begin to increase our self-esteem, almost immediately.

Why I'm Qualified To Help You

I have successfully overcome many personal challenges, including anxiety, depression and alcohol addiction. I have recovered and eventually thrived from heartbreak, betrayals, divorce, and low self-esteem. I raised a child on my own, started businesses, and returned to University in my thirties to pursue a new career. I have lived in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, on my own and had the most incredible experiences of my life.

I worked hard to identify my own self-limiting beliefs (which are deeply hidden in all of us) and addressed them one by one to create a life of security, freedom, confidence, and positivity and I can help you to do the same.

My professional background includes working as a Social Worker for 10 years, so I’m highly experienced in helping and supporting people on a one to one. I have travelled the world in my role as a journalist for YOGA Magazine, looking for answers, and I found some. I hold an Advanced Practitioner Life Coaching qualification.

After all of my experiences, I’m genuinely inspired by one question: How can I help and encourage women to reach their full potential in all aspects of their life? How can I inspire and uplift women?

This is my main passion in life. That might sound corny, but it’s true, and I state it proudly.


“Alone, by herself, she built the kingdom that she wanted.”

R. H. Sin


What to expect in a coaching session

Each session is roughly one hour long, but I’ll never cut you off if we’re in the middle of something interesting, so always allow up to 1.5 hours, although I’ll only ever charge you for one.

We begin the session by having a check-in to see how you are and reviewing last week’s goals, what has been achieved, and if not, why not? This can be very revealing and helps us to identify some of those disabling self-limiting beliefs. We will also look at specific problems that have arisen since the last session or in your life in general.

At the end of each session, you will have a list of goals to work towards, and tasks that I set you, such as worksheets, meditations, or self-care exercises. You will need to complete all of them before the next session.


I stand on my own two feet and I am in charge of my own life


How It All Works

All coaching sessions take place either at my home, currently in Hebden Bridge, or via Skype, Zoom or over the good old fashioned phone - you decide.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch. I’ll give you a call at a time you decide, and we can have a brief and confidential chat about what the issues are, what you want to achieve and how we might be able to work together. If you’d like to move forward, we can go ahead and get you booked in for your first session.

Payment is made before each session via bank transfer or Paypal.


"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

Alice Walker


Coaching Available

Power Hour

1 session as and when needed

This is for you if you are facing a specific challenge or obstacle in your life. I can help you to identify what’s holding you back and help you to move forward or improve your confidence in a specific area. Examples are job interviews, dating, relationship problems, finances, conflict at work - the list is endless. 

Let's Get Focused Package

6 sessions

This is for you if you have something you’d like to work towards such as changing careers, losing weight, starting a business, increasing your confidence, public speaking, improving your social life etc. By the end of the package, you will have a clear vision about how to move forward, and you will already be working towards some of your goals, in some circumstances, you will have achieved the end goal.

Change Your Life Package

10 sessions

This is for you if you are feeling lost, flat, uninspired or unmotivated and don’t have a clear vision of your future. We will establish your core values, investigate each of the seven essential areas of your life, tease out those self-limiting beliefs and address them, and eventually create a clear vision for your life with set goals that you can work towards.


My experience with Hannah has been nothing short of fantastic. I felt for a long while that I could benefit from life coaching, but procrastinated with finding one. Hannah is professional but friendly and puts me at ease during every session. Hannah has helped me to put my life into perspective and understand what’s really important to me - giving me the push I need to work towards my goals. I feel focused, driven and optimistic about the future because of how much she has helped me to see things more clearly. She is motivational, inspirational and an absolute natural at coaching. 

Jessica Balham, London.

Hannah helped me to start my own freelance business from scratch by sharing her knowledge and building my confidence.

She also helped me to identify some of the more unique skills that I have, which has allowed me to advertise as a specialist and charge far more.

She is 100% approachable; sometimes I text her saying: ‘WHAT on earth do I do here’!? And she gets back to me immediately with positive, well thought out solutions. I can highly recommend her coaching services.

Ruby De Fina, Indonesia

The mentorship Hannah has given me over the past two years has been invaluable for my development and growth whilst trying to navigate my life as a conscious young woman in what can be a challenging world.

I rely on her integrity, loyalty and humility to guide me when all avenues are pointing in painful directions.

I can’t recommend her enough, and the more of her wisdom we have, the better we can all be.


Kate Radford, San Francisco

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First Steps

Please use this form to book a free initial session and we can discuss your goals, your challenges, and how we can help you to make significant improvements in your life.

Let’s start now, from where you are, and let’s get you to where you want to be.