Welcome to Ask Hannah!

Every week women write to me to ask advice on a variety of topics. Mainly issues that I’ve written about in the past, or deeper issues that people know I’ve faced.

I feel honoured that you feel like you can reach out to me in this way and respect my opinion. I always answer as honestly as possible, and I try to point people in the right direction, sometimes suggesting tools and other resources. I indeed have had a rich and varied life, I don’t have all of the answers, but I know what’s worked (and what hasn’t) for me and I am very happy to share this with you.

Here's your chance to ask your own questions. I’ll publish both the questions and answers here (totally anonymously). Many common themes are being asked, and it is useful for women who might be also looking for similar answers to have them out in the open.

To ask a question, any question at all, please email me at hannahanstee@gmail.com or use the contact form here - looking forward to hearing from you - namaste ❤️